iSale 3.0? iDisatisfied!

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iSale 3.0? iDisatisfied!
31 Jan 2006
Having a Mac, I have but a few choices for eBay listing software: AuctionGenie (never used), MarketBlast (not what I need… yet), GarageSale 2.1 (played with the demo and I like it) and iSale 3.0.

I worked with iSale 2.1 in the past year. It’s limited, but I figured they would update it. And they did. A “full” update to 3.0, but with just a few minor revisions.

iSale is for the everyday eBay user it’s not for the PowerSellers. That said, it did the trick for me, but it was a struggle. Its interface is hard to use and very cluttered.

The “new” 3.0 is even worse. With templates (GarageSale has had templates since 2004) that don’t allow a lot of editing or Gallery photos, a preview function that is too small to view, awful documentation (the full 3.0 upgrade just gives a 37-page “addendum” in PDF format!), and many, many quirks that make this hair-pulling frustrating… I can’t recommend this to anyone until they fix it.

I actually may go back to using version 2 of iSale for now!

On the other hand, playing with GarageSale, it has many templates, easy-to-use interface, great editing tools and good customer service.

iSale doesn’t seem like a bad idea, however, they need to fix quite a few bugs and realize that just a few cosmetic “fixes” does not make this a “full” upgrade.


I officially gave up on iSale. I downloaded GarageSale and bought the license. (iSale only allows one computer per license — even if you are the the only user, but you have two computers... like me and possibly you!)

I love the many, many templates (iSale has six right now) and they also allow Gallery photos (iSale doesn't.) They're colorful, different and useful.

The customer support is great, too, as they have a dissussion forum at Yahoo.

Goodbye, iSale... Hello, GarageSale.
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