Saves me time and money

A review of MarketBlast by doggyface
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Saves me time and money
1 Feb 2006
I have been using MarketBlast for about a month and a half now and I love the application. Using their built-in automation and listing strategy saves me a lot of time. I use their automation to re-list my unsold items and the automatic feedback responses to send out feedbacks—this way I don't have to manually send out responses. I also love the scheduling feature. I don't need to use the eBay scheduler and have to pay money. I just use the MarketBlast scheduler for free. I just recently figured out how to use the Listing Strategy and now I use it constantly. I mean I just create the Inventory item and then schedule when I want MarketBlast to create the listing and then it publish it to eBay for me. I know that there are some features that are lacking in MarketBlast but it seems like they are making a lot of improvements. I recommend this product to anyone.
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