Right fit, Right price, Excellent service!

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Right fit, Right price, Excellent service!
6 Feb 2006
I've been with AuctionHawk since their opening year (2000). During that time, I have tried several other auction management programs, from software based to web based.

I've stayed with AuctionHawk for several reasons.

1. Auction Hawk has very reliable image hosting and they help me optimize them so they load VERY fast.

2. My auctions are organized and I'm able to check the status of my auctions any time, anywhere. (couldn't do that with software based programs)

3. I save money. With other programs that I tried, I found that by the time I paid my fees, I made little to no money at all. With Auctionhawk, I know exactly how much is due. Nothing is hidden. Just one flat rate.

4. Over the years, AuctionHawk has become extremely easy to use. Ad designs take no time at all. I have tons of templates to use, and I don't have to know HTML. And they have some very nice "pro" templates.

5. AuctionHawk manages my inventory, calculating, budgeting, responding to my customers, download to Excel, and much much more, all with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

6. Customer service- As with everything, something will go wrong from time to time, especially with a service that keeps adding cool features. This is one of the reasons why I left the other services. With AuctionHawk, my problems were addressed quickly and efficently. They advertise 24 hour response time, but it's usually much less than that.

7. Auction Hawk has some neat features I've not seen elsewhere, that help my feedback rating stay higher. For example, they can usually tell me the exact date and time that my buyer reads my end-of-auction emails. This really helps with the problematic buyers. They are also bringing back their "feedback scraper" which scours my listings and alerts me to buyers that like to leave neggies.

I really enjoy the service that I get from AuctionHawk. I have found this service to be the "right fit" for me.
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