Too complex and not well integrated with eBay/PayPal

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Too complex and not well integrated with eBay/PayPal
11 Feb 2006
We've been using Marketworks for about 4-5 months now and we're still having huge problems. The crux of my complaint is lack of integration with eBay checkout... you rely on people using the ClickOut email from the Storefront. If they ignore it and use eBay or PayPal to checkout this doesn't seem to be picked up automatically. We have to pick up all the unpaid orders and reconcile them against our PayPal account by hand. I'll be completely honest we haven't been on a training course so this criticism may be unwarranted - but read on.

It's frequently very slow and until recently often went down due to hardware problems.

There are basic design flaws in annoying parts of the system e.g if you print a combined shipping label and invoice for a single item the result is still over one page long! If you print multiple invoices in one go it doesn't send a page throw after each one so the invoice headers aren't at the start of the page after the first one or two...

This means printing every invoice individually at around 12 mouse clicks and numerous page refreshes... very time consuming.

Everything is oriented towards American users with very few concessions to Europe or the UK. Time zones can't be changed, shipping calculations need to be entered so UK is International and the USA is Domestic! The much vaunted "Dynaamic Shipping" turns out not to work if we send from the UK to Italy so we are now stuck with fixed shipping.

To cap it all we've just VAT registered but the auctions and notifications aren't showing this correclty. This resuted in our first ever incident of negative feeback after getting to 307 with a clean sheet.

I am moving to Channel Advisor as soon as I can afford it...
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