Great Program! Easy to use! Highly Recommended!

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Great Program! Easy to use! Highly Recommended!
20 Feb 2006
This program is a nice and simple Bid Sniping Program. It has worked every time I have set it for a certain auction and my percentage of won auctions has went up after I started sniping with this program. The only problem was that even though I told it to install in english, it was not in english when I opened it the first time. No big deal though. You just go to the second menu from the right and choose english and all is fixed. A few things throughout the progam still didn't change to english, but as a bid sniper, this program works great! If you set up an outgoing mail server, it will even e-mail you after the auction is over to let you know how you did! It synchronizes your time and has a built in web browser that you can use to check on the items you are sniping, just with one click of the mouse! Highly recommended.
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