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14 Mar 2006
Bid-O-Matic is a very good sniping software. They seem to have thought of most every thing. It has worked every time, I didn't win all auctions but that was because I didn't bid high enough. The support staff (Andy) has been able to answer my minor settings questions. The main setting problem was it loads as a German program with a German browser. This easily fixed with help of their support. First go into the second menu (language)from the right and check language you want to use. The second is a little more difficult, it envolves changing the some ini files in the bid-O-Matic program file, the first one to change the serverstrings.ini to serverstrings.ini.bak (backup) the second is to change is to change to the browser you wish to use to serverstrings.ini . All together it is avery good program.
Richard W. Shawver
Tampa, Fl USA
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