A review of SpareDollar by Gidget
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16 Mar 2006
Well I can't say it any simpler or kinder. The owner of SD, Tomas, has a blatant disregard for his customers, and the service is poor at best. He stole from all his customers when he raised (doubled) the price in Nov.2005 and promised all the improvements that never materialized and now 5 months later and things have gotten worse and worse. He has not kept his word or delivered on promises twice now that I know of.

Many have taken their business elsewhere, and many more will after the last 3 weeks, which have been nothing but problems and inability to list items or even access the site.

Tomas, the owner doesn't even post notices to alert or inform people of problems, and when he does pop in he edits and deletes the forum discussions that he randomly deems unflattering to his dying business. There is no integrity here at all and do not give that man a dime, you won't get your money's worth.
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