Terrible customer service, faulty unclear website

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Terrible customer service, faulty unclear website
8 Apr 2006
I decided to try Auctiva for a scheduled auction. I edited it on Auctiva before it was scheduled to be listed and Auctiva actually saved 2 copies of the same listing and posted them both, causing me to have to pay double the eBay fees and close one auction early on eBay since I only had one item to sell.

This is clearly a flaw in the way that the Auctiva site works and was very unclear to me as a new user. It is not logical that if I edit a listing, it would automatically duplicate it.

When I tried to point this out to Auctiva, they were very rude when all I was trying to do was help. They said, 'our site is working normally so it's your problem not ours'

I would AVOID Auctiva if I were you.
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