Powerful time-saving features for an unbelievable price.

A review of Sold! by tekgems
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Powerful time-saving features for an unbelievable price.
13 Apr 2006
Installation crashing has to do with your PC not the software.

Two SOLD V features worth mentioning:

1) Integration with osCommerce. From the same SOLD V package, you can also have an osCommerce web store allowing you to manage inventory in one place. You could do the same with Marketworks, Zoovy, or ChannelAdvisor, but the'll charge you an arm & a leg to use their service.

2) Paypal integration. All address details and notes of the paypal payment are automatically loaded in to the Sales Manager (SM) screen. This saves me tons of work where I previously had to copy & paste that detail from the Paypal e-mail.
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