Andale - avoid like the plague, should carry a health warning !

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Andale - avoid like the plague, should carry a health warning !
14 Apr 2006

Well, where to start? I feel emotionally drained from a downward spiral of incompetence, buggy software, clowns in customer support and most of all, a shockingly bad interface between eBay and checkout.

I started off with eBay UK as I fancied the Lister Pro, which seemed a good little tool. Did a few listings with the web/online version too, then Armageddon - having to deal with Customer Support (is that a misnomer, or an oxymoron?

Firstly, they deleted my account, which wasn't a good start.

Secondly, they told me which username I could use, seems the concept of trying to have a username remotely similar to eBay is anathema to them.

After three attempts, we got a username something like. Then it turned out Lister Pro couldn't view or download images, and after about five days and a few web ex sessions, and an engineer manually adding the folders and missing files remotely, it kinda worked.

At this stage, it's not all bad news - at least they have the decency to ring you up and keep you on phone for hours, so at least you're not paying the Bill.

So, eventually we get Lister Pro to put some listings up, and guess what - Checkout doesn't work, and better still - Andale don't see this a valid complaint? Like the same way the Item Specifics dont work, or having to cut and paste info, or some symbols (such as the UK pound sign) get translated into Serbo Croat? Seems Andale don't see why uploading into eBay then manually revising through eBay itself isn't an issue.

Now I know why Ebay booted them off, not that stuff crashed, but they didn't realise it had!

Added to that, they offered me a refund for the month they messed me around, and a free month after - needless to say I've moved on since to stuff that works - Auctiva, Channel Advisor etc.

True to form, Billing contacted me saying they are going to suspend my account as obviously they ignored my prev Emails and they never had a refund or credit in the first place.

Andale - joke...
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