The best one out there!

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The best one out there!
5 May 2006
After reviewing and evaluating all the other auction management tools, I know without a doubt this is the best desktop solution currently out there. It has a solid foundation and a great price!

Although the interface looks nice, I can tell a developer designed it and not a business system analyst because parts of it are a little too high tech for the average person. Yes, it has a steeper learning curve than most of its competition and the customized automation feature is a little cumbersome, but you can benefit from a higher level of control than you can with other software.

I think they are issuing a beta version because it is a little buggy. However, they do their best with keeping up with updates and software improvements. In fact, just a few weeks ago they revamped their email setup to allow multiple emails and added a feature for incoming emails unrelated to auction listings so now you can choose to manage all of your emails within one client server. In addition, they fixed several of their bugs and made some other improvements. They are definitely on the right track!
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