Impressive search options and depth of data

A review of HammerTap by Andy
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Impressive search options and depth of data
4 May 2006
The deepanalysis research process is simple. The user begins by choosing search options, which can include keywords, category, time span, and the maximum number of results. Version 3 will also allow any seller ID to be specified. The time taken to return results varies based on the number of matching listings and can take up to a few minutes, but results can be saved off so the wait is avoided when returning to the same data set.

There are a number of standard reports that DA produces automatically, such as statistics on listing upgrades and auction duration. These are useful, but the raw data is also provided and can be pivoted within DA by any fields that the user selects. This is a powerful feature, but the results are not as easy to read as the standard reports. More built-in reports would be an improvement, so users don't have to resort to the raw data as often.

With sophisticated analysis software like DA it can be difficult for sellers to decide how to approach their research - it's easy to get mesmerized by the data when you should be trying to dig out ideas to improve your listings. HammerTap have recognised this, and include ten free web-based training courses for licensed users as well as a newsletter.

DeepAnalysis is an impressive and mature application. It's detail and flexibility are unmatched by it's web-based competitors, and it's unlicensed competitors suffer from slow results with a narrow timespan.

If you are looking for an market analysis tool, DeepAnalysis definitely warrants a trial, and may become truly unbeatable when version 3 is released.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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