The Perfect Fit - but discontinued

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The Perfect Fit - but discontinued
25 Nov 2006

Mpire recently announced that they are discontinuing their service. They claim that it wasn't profitable so they are going to focus their efforts on their product research tool instead. Their finally date of operation is January 31, 2007. Time for me to look for a new home!


Have you ever literally shopped until you dropped because you couldn't find what you are looking for? Maybe you found something close, but it was too big, too expensive or didn't have the right features, etc. And then in the dark corner of the store, you finally find it hidden behind all the glittery stuff. Well, this has been my experience with shopping for the right auction management tool. Mpire Builder is the perfect fit!

- Has a monthly flat fee (absolutely no hidden costs)
- User-friendly interface. It was so easy to use from the start. I didn't waste any time learning a complicated tool.
- Integrates with PayPal and Endicia
- Supports multiple eBay ID's and User permissions (great if you have employees)
- Basic templates (email, listing, packing slip, etc.)
- Business building organizing tool
- Consignment management tool that automatically emails status reports to your consignors.
- Well thought out workflow
- Automatic 2nd chance offers
- Plenty of image storage space
- Financial reports and charts
- Setup for multiple shipping locations (great for drop shippers)
- The feature I like the most is that every component necessary for listing a new auction is all on 1 page (title, description, inventory costs & quantities, listing options, auction-styles, shipping costs, payment instructions, etc). Huge time saver!

Its only disadvantage for those that sell on other auction sites is that it currently works with eBay only.

I strongly encourage you to use their free Researcher tool, maybe try their free Launcher, and definitely use their 30-day free trial for Builder. You will fall in love!
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