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Outstanding software.........
18 May 2006
After using Turbo Lister, Marketworks and demanding more we discovered eSeller Pro. The problem we had was that Direct4Games being the largest stockists of video games in the world needed a complete stock, sales, and accounts package all in one system. We can now book stock in with Barcodes with PDAs, and then the system can build Purchase Orders, Stock Control, and submit to various marketplaces, including our eBay Shop, Amazon Market Place and our website. All stock movements are tracked - sales are controlled from initial listings through to packing notes, advice emails, and finally collecting all the data and posting to Sage. There is so much to say about eSeller Pro that there is no way we could ever explain its full features in this short review, but undoubtedly it is the best software that I have ever found! We would estimate that it has already saved us £50,000 in Sage data entry per year. We have 75,000 SKUs and will be increasing to well over 300,000 with the addition of DVDs and CDs to compliment our games business. eSeller Pro handles all that data, some individual SKUs having 20+ fields of data, textual, images and barcodes etc. It is integrated with Royal Mail and courier services - it makes the whole process automated - if it they keep adding additional features (as they do all the time), there may come the time that I really can relax on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific, and let eSeller Pro run my business! LOL. To sum up - it is an invaluable tool for any online, e-commerce business whether it is starting on eBay, or expanding right through to thousands of SKUs, with multiple data fields. Advice is check it out sooner than later! Well done to the eSeller Pro Team!
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