ShipWorks was an answered Prayer!

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ShipWorks was an answered Prayer!
29 Jun 2006
Every Christmas season, no matter how fast we packaged the orders, the creating/printing of shipping labels always took forever. We spent hours & hours copying/pasting customer names & addresses back and forth, not including the shipping errors and mistakes due to typos.

Now it only takes 3-4 mouse clicks and a few SECONDS and we're DONE. What took me HOURS now literally takes a SECONDS. It's so riduculously easy and simple, somedays I still marvel at how this could even be possible.

ShipWorks = downloads my orders & prints the packing slips (takes 1-2 mouse clicks), prints the shipping label & emails the customers their tracking #'s (takes 2 more mouse clicks) = 3-4 mouse clicks, whether you have 1 order or 1000 orders. Do you know how long this would have taken me prior to Shipworks? HOURS!

I swear, this is the absolute easiest program ever created, if you know how to use a mouse then you know how to use ShipWorks. I don't think I even use much of the keyboard once I setup the templates and defaults. Tech support is awesome, there were times when they helped me during some really late night ours on the template designs and basic troubleshooting.

I could not live without ShipWorks, ever again, I would pay double or triple the $$ cost. Besides the inventory itself, ShipWorks would be the second most important asset.

ShipWorks is just awesome, plain and simple.
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