`A Total Solution - Well thought out & Well worth a look

A review of AMan Pro by Droog
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`A Total Solution - Well thought out & Well worth a look
22 Jul 2006
Clearly the work of a genius, this software is an amazing bit of kit that has brought about more automation to my Amazon account than I ever thought possible.

It looked a bit busy at first with a million and one options but everything can be configured easily to just display the tools that you need and use the functions that are appropriate to your account.

My working day has improved dramatically since I handed things over to AMan Pro and although I am reluctant to share this great app with my competitors I feel that something this good deserves a mention, even from a greedy self-serving person like me.
Get This: The program checks all your listings every half hour and adjusts the prices within your criteria based on either the average or the lowest marketplace price and can be set to maintain your listings at the most profitable price at all times.
It produces a picking list at a pre-arranged time every day, prints packing slips, address labels and invoices and sends automated emails to your customers upon ordering and shipping.
A database is produced allowing you to track and follow up every sale you make and the toolbar includes single click access to any area of your Amazon Account.
Many more features and tweaks are included but the free trial is fully functional so try it out for yourself.. Whatever you are doing on Amazon to sell your stuff it can be handled by the automation included in this program and it will easily reduce your time spent on the Amazon Site to a couple of minutes a day if that.
I have no affiliation, involvement or other connection with this piece of software apart from being grateful to have found it.
What will you do with all the free time?
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