The Mpire Builder Experience

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The Mpire Builder Experience
31 Jul 2006
I decided to check out Mpire once again while my own system is still under construction. I had been dependent on Auctiva myself now for the last 2-3 months because of it, and needed a fresh system to play with .

The system seems pretty straightforward, but if you want any type of individuality of your auctions, its going to take a bit of knowledge and work as the templates provided are either on the really cheesy side, or just too simplistic for anyone who wants to add a bit of interest in the appearance of there auctions.

They seem to have all of the checks and balances of a web-based consignmnet software, and I have to admit, the layout design behind it have attributes that I will definetly be adding on to my own.

Simplifying multiple auctions seem pretty easy to create, and a normal listing, whether it be an auction or a store type seem pretty straightforward as well...picking up where auctiva is still developing.

What strikes me kind of odd is this:
- Great! 9.99 a month? Sign me up! No other information that states it to be a limited time offer or a discounted rate...HOWEVER,
-and every other link that points to a fee for the system clearly states 29.99 a month..

Yes, its a common tactic to attract potential customers, but especially in this business, the last thing you want an online seller to believe is that the information that you provide is inaccurate.

The interface is most similar to the desktop application, MarketBlast, working along much the same way, other than the desktop-web based differences between the two

In summary, its a nice, cold fusion/flash-based internet software that should be the first step forward in maintiaining a consignment type shop. The fees are on the normal side..could be better, could be worse...but at least its not owned by an eBay drop-off store.
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