"if it works" the software is great.....however....

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"if it works" the software is great.....however....
2 Aug 2006
I've used the web-based software offered by Auctiva and cannot begin to express the frustrations I have with it. Basically, my main and only complaint, is that their server or whatever SUCKS! When you are actually able to be online and work on listings and templates, the software is very good easy to use and everything. However, they are ALWAYS having "technical issues"...to say the least! If it's not pictures or templates loading properly...it's the entire site being down...either "page not found" or some other internet error message.

When I first began using the software, I was working in Internet Explorer, only to find out that the Auctiva software doesn't work properly with it and that I needed to find another browser. I found Mozilla Firefox which worked just fine with it. Now, with the new "errors"...it seems that the program no longer works properly on Firefox and is now working fine on Internet Explorer.

Give me a break people! Get the "glitches" fixed already. I cannot begin to tell you my frustrations with this program I really would love to use it because of all the work I put into my templates and such and it is easy to use, but this program has DAILY PROBLEMS/ERRORS!!

I am not trying to "rant" or ask for "help" on how to use this program, I am quite computer savy and can find my way around a computer just fine I am merely giving a little insight to those looking for some good programs that are still available free to the public. Afterall, with all the "rate hikes" eBay and PayPal are having these days, we need to catch a break somewhere to save a little money I would think!

So, if anyone has any other program/software solutions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I have used TurboLister and those offered by eBay, but I've found that the "competitors" offer better "discounts" shall we say on extra features....like unlimited photos and free scheduling.

Thanks a bunch :-)
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