Seems to be back on track

A review of SpoonFeeder by ozrural
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Seems to be back on track
12 Aug 2006
I was a long time user of SpoonFeeder until disaster struck earlier this year with eBay changes. Nothing seemed to work and I finally gave up in disgust and started using the free Trak Auctions software. Last night I got an email to say that Trak was shutting down. Just like that, so here we go again. At the same time I got an email from Spoonfeeder saying that there was a new version out so I downloaded the update, and it seems to work. I was a loyal Spoonfeeder user before, and it is good software, but my business was really hurt when all the troubles hit. This time, so far so good. Two auctions listed without a problem. I will write again in a week or so once I have listed a 100 or so, and hope I can up the star rating to where it should be.
Regards, OZRURAL
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