Deceptively comprehensive and sophisticated

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Deceptively comprehensive and sophisticated
16 Aug 2006
Overview: AW2K came out the clear winner of 20 desktop management programs I evaluated over a 2 month periord. I technically give it 4.5 stars.

The depth and sophistication of this package astounds me. It is so very well thought out, from A to Z, of what a seller does and SHOULD do. The interface is simple and polished, and generally logical. Behind this mild mannered facade is a robust and compehensive package.

Positives: Invoicing, emails, general ledger, and auction lots are all linked to a specific buyer. It guides you through logical steps in creating inventory, creating auction lots, listing, updating status, invoicing, emailing (6 or more automated types ranging from You Won, to Please Pay Me, to Need Your Feedback, and Feedback has been left), ability to extract to an invoice from emails the payer names & addresses and other details. You can customize feedback messages, listing templates, automated emails and much more. You can have multiple UserIDs and auction sites. Best part: you have 60 days to try it out for free. All of this is unprecidented.

Negatives: The listing templates are clean and simple, but not particularly sophisticated or glitzy. Also, these are stored in a database, rather than a simple HTML file (though you can still use custom HTML coding), making customization and sophistication more challenging. The user interface is utilitarian (try MarketBlast for a very pretty interface). I ultimately decided the program functionality and automation features vastly outweighed the simple templates and utilitarian interface. Finally, it is relatively expensive. There are recurring yearly licensing fees that really bug me big time -- just charge me once and forget about it.

Summary: One of the most complete and comprehensive All-In-One packages available for auction management. Not the most pretty user interface -- just the best back end functionality to make you the most money and save time.
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