FANTASTIC - recommended without any reservations.

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Zachary Piech
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FANTASTIC - recommended without any reservations.
31 Aug 2006
We started out by processing all (eBay Platinum power seller zachary0fec ) orders via PayPal, which took 1-2 minutes per order. After reaching 100-200 orders per day, we were simply overwhelmed. In fact, I don't know why we didn't look at ShipWorks sooner.

Shipworks reduced order processing time to an average of about 10-15 seconds per order (or 6-8x faster). With more optimization of our process, we could reduce this time further.

At this point, I've used the software for over a year. I'm looking into a new ecommerce site BASED ON what Shipworks supports. It is an integral and required part of our business.

As an added testimonial - they added a feature to the software that we had requested that simplified inventory tracking for us. Tech support (phone, chat, message board and email) have always been excellent. For anyone who has experienced eBay or PayPal support - Shipwork is the exact opposite. They're simply fantastic.

I recommend Shipworks for your eBay or ecommerce business without reservation.
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