Comprehensive solution for businesses selling on eBay and elsewhere

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Comprehensive solution for businesses selling on eBay and elsewhere
13 Jul 2007
*** UPDATE JULY 2007 ***

eSellerPro now has its own integrated web storefront and can also work with osCommerce stores. It supports many UK and US couriers, and interacts with Sage and Quickbooks accounting packages.

A library of standard email replies has been built-in and automatic email answering is in the pipeline. Purchase orders can be generated automatically and sent to suppliers via EDI or fax.

Sandbourne's experience in back-end retail systems means there are powerful post-sales and stock control modules, and a separate order management solution should not be required, unlike some other e-Commerce systems.


eSellerPro has comprehensive inventory, listing, order management, shipping and accounting modules. Multiple users are catered for, with configurable permissions for each main area of the program which the developers plan to extend. Consignment selling and a web storefront are included as standard parts of the application. Enterprise-level features such as PDA and barcode reader support for stock taking and warehouse integration are also present. Every part of the software appears to be well thought-out, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

Installation of eSellerPro involves user training and configuration for the seller's own business and technology set-up, and can include bulk import of existing inventory data. More in-depth customization can be done at any time using the application's own scripting language.

The application and database can be hosted by Sandbourne Systems, or in-house. As it is Java-based it can run on Windows, Mac or Linux systems and has the responsiveness, look and feel of a desktop application.

Overall, eSellerPro is an impressive system that should suit a wide range of businesses. Ask them for a demo and see for yourself!


This review is based on an online demo of eSellerPro.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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