Basic, limited product that is basically no longer supported

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Basic, limited product that is basically no longer supported
14 Sep 2006
ChannelAdvisor Pro, by itself is a reliable but EXTREMELY limited product. The Pro version of Channeladvisor is simply a "teaser" product designed to get you familiar with the Channeladvisor setup. Channeladvisor's goal is that you'll really want to use the features they've crippled in the Pro version and you'll want to upgrade to their $1,000/month merchant product.

I have been a CA Pro user for 4 years. They have not updated this product AT ALL in this time frame - they've only modified their software to reflect some (and not all!) of the changes that eBay has implemented in the 4 years I've been there.

One MAJOR and extremely irritating problem with Pro is that to use CAPro's checkout, you ONE shipping rate you can specify. If an int'l customer purchased your item, there is no way for you to build an international rate into checkout - you are stuck with ONE MEASLY RATE specified in Channeladvisor checkout. This causes lots of confusion to our non domestic customers and Channeladvisor has refused to enable multiple rates in this product. I think $1,000/month service fee is a bit steep to have multiple rates included.

Many Pro users have voiced concern on the user forums that Channeladvisor REALLY needs to get with modern times and incorporate some new features. eBay is not the same marketplace it was 4 years ago. Channeladvisor staff has essentially ignored these topics, and when they have responded, it's been to say there are no updates planned at this time and they do not want any further user input. Read between the lines - this is a DEAD PRODUCT.

Also irritating is the fact that when you do decide CAPro doesn't meet your needs, there's no way to export your item data OUT of Channeladvisor. Again, they want you stuck so you feel like their ridiculously expensive Merchant option is the only upgrade path.

Does what it does OK, but I would not recommend Channeladvisor Pro to anyone at this point in time.
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