Rip off on pricing

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Rip off on pricing
25 Sep 2006
First they promise you 3 free bids. When you download from their site they want you to sign up and give you options to pay for it. Pretty well forced into it. When you do you lose your 3 free snipes. I would use as you might get your 3 free snipes that way.Now for the pricing! Ten cents if you lose. Not bad. Win with a bid less than ten dollars is 25 cents. Guess I can live with that. Between ten dollars and five hundred dollars 1% but ONE DOLLAR MINUMUM This is where they nail you real good. Where do you think the range for most ebay bids are? I, myself, would guess between 10 and 25 dollars. That translates into 10% at 10 dollars. They did their home work well. You have to purchase a product over $100 to get to the 1%. I do not make many bids over $100. If your bids are over $100 dollars have at it.
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