Andale versus eBay, what a nightmare

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Andale versus eBay, what a nightmare
29 Nov 2005
It looks like Andales problems late October and early November continues to bite them in the rear. It is unfortunate that their new database cause so many issues but as a MIS Manager, I can't help but wonder why the new database wasn't tested even more before bringing it on line. That is another story.

eBay is now going to prevent Andale come February from using the "checkout re-direct" which means people who are using Andale for their checkout services will not be able to use it. The checkout will now stay at eBay. Those who have Andale Stores will suffer because the checkout re-direct brings them back to Andale and allows the customer to browse their Andale Stores merchandise and hopefully buy more. That won't happen anymore if eBay doesn't budge with their decision.

I am not an Andale fan because of lack of serious technical support but for a lot of folks, they use the service and have a lot of time and effort invested in setting up their Andale store plus their auctions and eBay store. If they want to move to another service, they now have to re-create auctions, ads, store inventory, learn new system. Wow, what a potential nightmare.

Is eBay right in preventing Andale from using the Checkout Re-direct? Part of me from a technical standpoint says yes. Did Andale bring this upon themselves? Appears so. Over a week of downtime is completely unacceptable by anyone IT standards of operations. What is the answer? Andale should be given the opportunity to prove to eBay over the next few months before the deadline in February that their service is working as it is suppose to. If it does not meet the standards by then, eBay should stand by their decision.

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Re: Andale versus eBay, what a nightmare
1 Dec 2005
The checkout redirect feature integrates third-party sites very tightly with eBay. I think eBay see an impact on their business if developers using it can't maintain a minimum level of quality and stability on their sites.

I think it's fair as long as the same rules apply to the other developers using checkout redirect - even though its tough on the developer and their users.

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