Great concept falling on it's face

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Great concept falling on it's face
2 Oct 2006
When the TurboLister2 meltdowns started, Auctiva seemed like an answer to all my problems.

While the site was 'quirky' frequently crashing or seizing, it was easy to use and cheaper to use than eBay itself!

However, anymore the service is below unreliable, bouncing somewhere between inept and pathetic. 3 weeks ago you couldn't get any photo's added to your auctions, last Sunday doesn't look like anybody's auctions got listed, tonight I'm 6 listed, 7 that got hung up and did not get listed.

Their help staff is very responsive and of course the price is free. But with consistently inconsistent results I would think that the new seller's coming in wouldn't last long with their service.

Can't see where this service will be around much longer. I'm looking for something new, even if it does require a fee.
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