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Not worth the pain

A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by dkagan_1
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Not worth the pain
13 Oct 2006
We have been using this product for a year. The tools are very cool WHEN they work. We were excited in the beginning and learned everything they could and paid them a ton of money for a graphics package which was not worth it at all. From day 1 it has been a nightmare. When the tools worked they enabled us to grow the business. But each time something went wrong it created more of a problem since the business was bigger. Telling a customer we cannot combine your invoice cause the system is not available just does not fly. Numerous checkout issues with buyers and multiple API issues with both eBay and Paypal. And MW is always blaming someone else for their problems.

The management is incompetent and has poor communication with their customers. During major issues (at least 4 to 5 in the year) we received 1 communication from the company and 1 form of compensation in the form of a free list day. The problems have costed me much more than a day. I have probably given free shipping to over 200 people due to the errors of MW.

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