Nicely designed and affordable solution for consignment sellers

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Nicely designed and affordable solution for consignment sellers
21 Oct 2006
AuctionSound was under development for two years for the Online Outpost chain of drop-off stores before becoming a product in its own right. Software benefits from being used and fine-tuned in a real environment, and it shows in AuctionSound's clean design and simple work-flow.

Front-of-store staff can quickly enter consignor and item details, creating a work queue for photography and eBay listing that can be processed at quieter times or by a separate team. Managers have access to separate sections for generating reports and configuring the system.

Despite this apparent simplicity, AuctionSound has sophisticated features: it integrates with a number of carriers, exports data to QuickBooks, and can report on customers by ZIP code to help target advertising.

AuctionSound is a well designed, rounded solution for trading assistants and drop-off stores. It doesn't try to excel at product line-based selling and this focus pays off with an uncluttered and thoughtful solution for its target audience.

At only $150 per month for unlimited auctions, and $50 for a starter plan, AuctionSound is excellent value and deserves consideration.


This review is based on an online demo of AuctionSound.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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