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Ebay Turbo lister
1 Dec 2005
Hi guys.

I have a problem with Turbo Lister and was wondering if i am doing something wrong.
Say i have 10 items for sale via BIN. I sell 5 which leaves 5 at the end of the 10days. When i go to relist the item it puts the full 10 back up for sale. That seems a bit silly to me so i think i must be doing something wrong. Any ideas?
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Re: Ebay Turbo lister
2 Dec 2005
Sorry in advance if I have got this wrong, I haven`t used TLister for about a zillion years... Is Turbo Lister an inventory based listing program ? It never used to be, in which case it will blindly repeat the listing you have asked it to repeat (if the first listing was 10 it will simply repeat the listing of 10) regardless of how many were sold. You would need to manually intervene with the quantities.
Inventory based listing programs would never list more than the level of stock you have.
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Re: Ebay Turbo lister
2 Dec 2005
sellthemoon is absolutely correct. TurboLister is going to list whatever you have entered in the stock level. It doesn't know that you sold anything. If you created the ad with 10 and uploaded to eBay then you will get 10. If a year from now, you use that listing in TurboLister and upload to eBay it will again do 10.

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