Auctiva is Useless - Use alternatives if you can

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Auctiva is Useless - Use alternatives if you can
21 Nov 2006
If you can, use an alternative.

When the Auctiva site is working it is still very buggy.

Their support is useless. They just don't seem to care about their customers requests and tend to fob you off.

None of their email addresses (as advertised on the site) work. Auctive Support swear blind that they do, but after 22 years in IT (very technical) I know they are fobbing me off.

Auctive don't care about hosting copyright images, and do not help in any way to remove copyright material from their servers.

They do provide an email but need i say - the email account does not exist.

Not helpful, breaking the law and a near to useless system.

Go elsewhere - use other alternatives.

BTW, if you have a problem, I can only suggest that you email the CEO directly on Like any high level management that advertises their email, it is nice to know they care. Let them know what you really think. Maybe they can do something about it.
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