Okay Variety... No Profit

A review of Worldwide Brands by bdjolie
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Okay Variety... No Profit
26 Nov 2006
I believe Chris has worked really hard to put together a list of honest drop shippers. However, the wholesellers' prices are not competitive nor are they in-demand items. The very few items that had some potential were priced higher than the listings on eBay.

Save your money, and find product resources elsewhere!
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Re: Okay Variety... No Profit
27 May 2016
@bdjolie This was written way back in 2006 and ten years later, it's still the same.
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Re: Okay Variety... No Profit
11 May 2017
Hi, this is Chris Malta, Founder and CEO of Worldwide Brands.

Guys, your frustration is understandable, but have you ever considered that the problem is with the sales venue, and not the wholesale prices?

eBay and Amazon have always been low-profit venues. Consider the fact that on eBay, almost everyone who shops there will search for what they want, then click the "Sort by lowest price" link.

If you don't have one of the top three lowest prices, you hardly ever get seen. eBay Sellers know that, so they are forced to constantly undercut each others' prices in order to show up at or near the top of that sorted results page. Dollar by dollar, eBay Sellers are forced to drop their prices in order to compete successfully. Many eBay Sellers who are less experienced fuel this process, and the result is that in order to make sales, you end up selling at a couple of bucks over wholesale.

I've seen this happening for many years; People call it "a race to the bottom".

That is not the fault of the wholesaler. The exact same products that are sold at a 5% profit margin on eBay will sell for a 30% to 60% profit margin on an individual website, or in a physical world retail store.

Add to that the fact that since 2009, eBay has opened a back door into their site and encouraged actual wholesalers and manufacturers to sell on eBay directly, under assumed seller names so that nobody knows who they are, and it becomes almost impossible to earn a reasonable profit on eBay as a small home-based seller.

This is tough situation, it's discouraging, and it makes people angry. I understand that. It's just that the anger is often pointed in the wrong direction.

Wholesalers are wholesalers. We've been vetting them thoroughly for almost 18 years. As of this date we list over 8,000 suppliers of more than 15 million products. Their wholesale prices are valid and they are competitive in the general marketplace, but because of the innate margin problems for small sellers with eBay, the profit margins just aren't what they should be.

That often prompts people to blame the messenger (us, and the wholesalers themselves) instead of looking at the real problem.

Again, I understand that frustration.

There is also a mention that there isn't much 'variety' in the wholesalers we list. That's something that people tend to feel when they're only looking for a limited type of product line, which is what most people tend to do.

That's understandable; people want to sell what they want to sell. It's important to understand that there are NOT a whole lot of wholesalers who are willing to sell single products to home based retailers. It's taken our full-time research team over 17 years to locate 8,000 or so legitimate wholesalers we list. So if you focus your research on just a couple of product types, there may not be much variety within those product types.

When you consider that there are over 15 million products represented in our Directory, though, that IS a tremendous variety. You just have to be willing to look outside of the narrow band of product research that you may be doing.

None of these things are talked about on eBay, and none of them are readily apparent when you use eBay. But they are all real issues that force profit margins down severely.

So please don't condemn the only thoroughly verified source of real wholesale suppliers because of the unfortunate "race to the bottom" mentality that eBay forces you into miserable profit margins. It's not the wholesalers' fault.
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Re: Okay Variety... No Profit
25 Sep 2017
@barrygillies let's try 11 years later and nothing has changed!

I feel that $300 for any sort of membership is too high for Worldwide Brands! I am trying to get an online store launched and felt that Worldwide Brands would have given me access to the suppliers that I am looking for. Not so. I feel that Worldwide Brands is stuck in the times - of say - the 1970s!!! The suppliers I have found here on Worldwide Brands, would cater more to my parents and grandparents; and this is the information that Worldwide Brands should provide upfront to its potential customers.

Chris, you need to figure out a way to "show" your potential customers what they are really getting. I did as much due diligence (except coming to this site, www.webretailer.com, before spending a whopping $300 on membership to Worldwide Brands) as I could but unfortunately; it was not enough. When I searched your website to see if certain items were available, the results were vague. I took an expensive chance and here I am, not being able to give a good review.

Also, if you and your staff went to the trouble of pursuing these suppliers, you should have made sure that they were reliable. It is your duty, I believe, to have done all the "legwork" for us, YOUR customers!

I am disappointed.
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