great when it works customer support needs major improvement

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great when it works customer support needs major improvement
26 Nov 2006
The free Auctiva Mr. Poster is almost EXACTLY what I need, and I've found nothing else that comes close. BUT when it comes time to submit your batches to eBay, there's about a 60% chance things will go smoothly. This is BAD on reduced price listing days, or if you need them to go at an exact time. I'm always scared something is going to crash on me or the update is going to erase everything, or some other bug is going to fly in. It's just not reliable it raises your blood pressure to a deadly level if you have thousands of auctions at stake. ALSO, I was using this Mr. Poster for a year when I suddenly started getting these $60+ invoices for image hosting - I had no warning in advance. I'll pay whatever fees they want, but they need to be stated up front. AND, ABOVE ALL, the folks in customer service get smart with you. I ask questions as nicely as I can, and half the time will get some exasperated response if I say they haven't answered my question, or get something like "why are you doing that?" as if I'm supposed be one of their own staff of experts, not a customer who can't find any help in their "help" section with its tragically short list of FAQs. I know they get a lot of rude customers, but every business does, and just as the saying "the customer is always right" applies, so does the rule that the customer service is supposed to be helpful and courteous. IF they get a paid version of Mr. Poster WITH ALL THE BUGS FIXED, I'll be a customer for life and highly recommend it to everyone. But until then, that customer service who thinks they have it so hard just ticks me off, and I continue to look for alternatives.
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