Great tool, but not enough on keywords

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Great tool, but not enough on keywords
4 Dec 2006
My review is based on Terapeak's "Research Advantage" subscription.

It is so easy to use! Although there is absolutely no learning curve, they still provide a quick and easy to follow manual with screen prints.

All you have to do is type in your search term(s), select one or all categories, choose 1, 7, 30 days of data, and/or end day. Results appear within a few seconds. The research is based on closed listings, seller IDs, and categories. You have the option to save your searches.

To make better use of the raw data and figure out your selling strategy, I recommend you go even further by using their Search filters (price ranges, listing durations, listing types, listing promotions, time of day).

Another great option is their Hot Items Search filters (average price, total sales, total listings, total sold listings, total bids, average price, sell-through %, bids per listing). You can sort the data anywhere from 14 days - 2 years, and group it by day or 7 days.

They offer workshops on eBay to help you understand and use the raw data. Also, they were very prompt and courteous in responding to my emails.


- Seriously lacking data and suggestions for potential keywords!

- The only preference changes you can make are the defaults for 1, 7, or 30 day search and the look and feel of the tool. I don't care what color the tool looks like, I just care about the data.

- All search results are done in PST.

- It looks like they are planning to research other eBay selling platforms, but for now, all you can research is the USA platform.
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