Postage problems - Non delivery etc - Seller guide

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Postage problems - Non delivery etc - Seller guide
2 Dec 2005
Where exacly do sellers stand when a customer says they did not get it. On ebay forums I have read of PAYPAL awarding the buyer even when a signed for service was used. The whole thing seems very grey and possibley a scammers delight. Pleas let's explore this issue!!
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Re: Postage problems - Non delivery etc - Seller g
2 Dec 2005
To stand a chance with Paypal you have to be able to view the signature online or you might get away with a faxed copy of the signature. This means that the cheapest UK service you could use is the Royal Mail Recorded Signed For. Proof of signature is supplied if required for £2.20. You must also make sure that the address you have posted to is the address that paypal have approved for that purpose (very easy to get caught out here). Sending overseas would exclude any Royal Mail service because they cannot supply proof of posting with any of their overseas services (I could be wrong ...??). Therefore you have to look at more expensive solutions.
Clearly it depends upon the value of the items you are selling, but certainly with lower value items I would suggest that using more expensive postal systems is counter productive - you will probably cost yourself alot more in postal charges than you might have lost with the odd "fraud". Also, your product will probably look uncompetitive.
I believe that Paypal favour the buyer in any dispute where a clear cut, undisputable proof of delivery to that person cannot be shown.
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Re: Postage problems - Non delivery etc - Seller g
19 Aug 2006
t is very easy for people to scan accounts.
Anybody can get hold of your PayPal password transfer the money to their acocunt then take it out.
PayPal of course gives a refund to the buyer so everyone has their money and PayPal loses out.

Their isn't very much PayPal can do to scammers because PayPal has little control of where the scammers put the money once it's out of their paypal account.
Scammers will just create a new account and start again

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