5 STARS... wish I could leave more!!! I am so happy...

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5 STARS... wish I could leave more!!! I am so happy...
9 Dec 2006
I finally found an excellent auction listing service in web based inkFrog!
I have tried several desk top and web based services for my small eBay selling business over the years and have not been very impressed with any of them. Most recently I used web based auctionhawk which I liked but it turned out to be very un-reliable and frustrating to use (when I could access their site) do to constant bugs and poor customer support. So once again (a couple weeks ago) I ventured out to try and find a reasonably priced service that would host pics., list / launch / schedule auctions, keep track of closed auctions, with a customer / shipping database etc.. That’s when I found inkfrog and it has been absolutely perfect so far! It has so many great features and is so well organized and designed that it's now actually a pleasure for me to sit down process my ebay auctions! The best part is that it's simple to use and so far has been extremely reliable! All for a flat fee of $9.99 a month for unlimited use. I hope that I am not just dreaming and will wake up to discover that I am still stuck using some other crummy auction listing service... I love inkfrog and strongly recommend it to everyone, try them out, its free for the first month of unlimited use. Even if your using another service, it's truly worth checking inkfrog out, I'm so glad I found them!!! Thanks inkfrog!
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