SmartSnipe is one of the BEST Sniper

NJ USA Pakistan
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SmartSnipe is one of the BEST Sniper
4 Jan 2007
Majestic auction sniper, always accurate and reliable, very smart bidding, havent used a better sniper before, I am thrilled. A MUST TRY!
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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SmartSnipe - very unpredictable - hopeless help - security questionable
25 Mar 2013
SmartSnipe has got very unpredictable - it works ok for a while, then it starts not putting your bids through, yet it notifies me that I have won, but infact I have lost the item at Ebay. Also, from time to time it tells me I have lost the item, and yes I did loss the item, but when I investigate what happened, my bidding doesn't appear in the list of bidders on ebay and yet my maximum bid was much higher than the winning bid. When I report some of the problems, smartsnipe doesn't bother replying. They must be fed-up with me complaining, as they have now blocked my access completely. An interesting factor is that my security reports that their security certificate is issued by a dubious company. Thanks but no thanks.
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