We Love Laris!!

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We Love Laris!!
4 Jan 2007
After selling on eBay for 7 years and trying just about every auction management sytem out there, I think we have finally found our home! We have found the staff at Laris extremely helpful- they actually answer the phone- no emails back and forth for days- and answer every question. They really work to help grow your business and have given us some great ideas on how to do things better!! We transitioned from another system and they were very helpful in the whole process- We run approx 3000 auctions per month and use the consignment module. We have been utilizing it for about a month now and wow---- it saves us soooo much time that we can use for more important things, like listing more auctions!! The learning curve was very short too- like a couple of days- The feedback from our clients has been very positive too- they love the checkout and it is very easy to get through. I can't believe how we were doing things before and I wish we would have found this solution years ago!! They even helped us create a customized auction template and they definately go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy! I would highly recommend them to everyone. I have never had this kind of service with any of the 10+ auction management companies I had previously used!
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