Are sellers making money on eBay ??

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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
21 Jun 2006
Anyway - we will go round in circles -

wondering if anyone one else who isn't a proffesional e-commerce consultant has any opinions?
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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
27 Jun 2006
What an interesting topic. But, I think we all know the answer to it. If you don't make money in your business you shut it down. So, apparently the sellers are making money. Someone posted that sellers are buying stuff at such low prices and that's really the truth. You see, the Internet has now made it available to cut the middlemen out. It used to be where there were more people involved in the process of manufacturer to distributor to distributor, to shipper, to distributor, to retail, to customer. But, now you see manufacturers selling on eBay, and shorter chains. Sellers are buying products at very low prices. Our margins are not 100%, but they are pretty good. What you have to do is balance out all of your items between what sells and what doesn't sel. Some companies probably have around 90% success rate with their auctions. Others like us are less, but we still manage to make a profit. I have some items that sel only 30% of the time, yet it's enough to yield profit. Sellers have got to take into account all costs including paypal fees, shipping, eBay fees, shipping from the manufacturer, credit card processing, materials, auction management software fees, phone fees, email space, eBay store fees, and more. This brings up the main problem with all auction management software= ACCOUNTING. And more and more sellers are using multiple selling storefronts...eBay, websites, Amazon, yahoo auctions, etc. Catch up auction management software! But, I think the benefits on selling on the Internet are great. Every study I've seen points to everyone buying stuff online. Just ask anyone in the music industry about buying stuff online...Downloading has become a major issue and iTunes has set the standard price instead of the major recording labels. Wow...I'm going on a tangent.

But, you get my point. Sellers are making just have to be careful and run a proper business just as if you were growing and selling oranges on the corner or buying a million dollar property to hopefully sell it for 10 million.
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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
10 Jun 2008
if ebay played fair you can make tons of money if you study ebay with patience- but the problem is once you really start making money
they start hiding your listings- turning of your listings like a faucet- i have been selling on ebay for 5 years - i live on here- i just saW two items -
a rfk pin sell for $91.00- listed in my store for $28.00- and a jfk pin for $51.00 selling in my store for $10.00- - i have been on here 5 years and sell these items- as i always have in stock- i can tell you - in 5 years i have never sold one even at 1/2 that price- i guess i just must be unlucky- i had 10,000 items listed- but seems even thou i am cheaper people never search store??? right??? when i do get turned on - in a few hours i make toNs of sales- they come in spurts- and now with listing Manipulation based on dsr- you know they have the technology to do this-
they just showed the world they are no honest-
they let me sell enough just to get by and pay my fees-
but let me tell you- i have been watching completed listings and jsut became aware that according to stat like 50 % of items sell- i have never ever -ever sold 50% of listingS- no even on a great week or x-mas-
i know i have been hustled and taken to the cleaners-but being sharp i thought i would catch them- (but they are good) note my word- sooner or later some pissed of employee will let the secrets out- just about when they go bankrupt so no one will get a penny back!
thats the american way! people that work hard and honest will in most cases never see the fruits of their labor- i guess in america to become wealthy one my steal from the hand that feeds them-
look at our country- if our greatest heroes washington- franklin- lincoln would be alive today they would be discusted in how the greatest country in the world is controled by greed, crooks, and corporate america robbing us blind- why america the greateast country in the world does not have a program like brasil- (flex gas) is call pure greed and bribery! everyone makes so much money why change???? look at are health care-
another scam- look at medicare- another scam- look at are goverments oversea construction contract another scam- and if i hear correctly our goverment pay $4.00 for bottle water- sound like the concession stands at a football game- if me or you were to charge $8.00 for a cup of beer or $4.00 for a cup of coke or one bottle water- we would go to jail- yet all are goverment halls- like graduation events- sports arenas that are runned by goverment are allowed to ripp us off- please!!!!!! enough is enough- time to kick some as_!
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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
16 Jul 2008
Yes they are. Some sellers are making a killing on Ebay. Even though I didn't make a fortune on Ebay, I did manage to make some money and I was not very experienced at all.

Making money with Ebay is very mush possible, but you must find a niche from my experience. For instance, sell pocket knives. Also, you may want to avoid using Droppshippers by all cost because the competitions can get really fierce. You'll find many people selling the same items from the same Dropshippers on Ebay. I first started out on Ebay from selling items around my house and did really good. The items were easy to sell because they were not in high demand and I had no competition on the products I was selling. You also have to stay up on hot products. I found a really good deal for a PDA online, purchased it and sold it on Ebay to make more than 2 times what I purchased it for. I could have easily bought more items and made a ton of money. I also know of a guy who found a very DVD online. This DVD was selling on Ebay for about $40 at the time and he was able to purchase it for about $10. These kind of deals are hard to find, but you must do your research.

Another way to earn sure money on Ebay that works, but is very expensive. Go through a real wholesaler and purchase many hot products. You know you're going through a real wholesaler and not some middle man when you are require to purchase a minimum amount of products. I've contacted real wholesalers and was shocked by how much I had to spend to get an account started. It can be done, but it is expensive. You won't have much competition going this route though because most people won't be able to compete with your prices on Ebay.

There are a ton of ways to make money on Ebay. Just keep researching. I'm sure you'll find a solution that works.
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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
18 Jul 2008
Yes there are because there is SOOOOO Much traffic going through ebay.

Here is one way to capitalize on the huge market and make money with ebay. Check out this short 3 minute video by CLICKING HERE!

It's a tool that ebay endorses that connects ebay listings to any search topic on any search engine. It's a free download and Ebay is paying people to give it away.

I know it sounds funny, but ebay makes money any time there is a transaction that takes place. So if they can use people to bring more people to the site easier, it is worth it to pay a referral fee.

Click here to watch the software in action!
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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
27 Feb 2009
I agree with you, Andy, that more should be done to educate, but I don`t think this will happen - the "busy fools" are a major part of eBays` income.


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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
29 Apr 2009
great topic

what is the rule of thumb as regards turnover to profit?
also what is the rule of thumb as regards seller fees (including FVF\listing\paypal?) I'm guesing at 20% of total?

Poppygirl wrote:

Its getting harder to make money on eBay due to the hike in fees and bedroom sellers.

On average I bet an eBay seller will make 150 quid out of every 1000 - so on eBay you need to be big to make anything.
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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
30 Apr 2009
Hi all,
There is lots of information on ebay's servers. The interactions between sellers and buyers, watchers, lookers, buyers that become sellers, sellers that are also buyers, and all the outcomes are sitting right there on those servers. Without a doubt, ebay runs statistical models and analysis against this wealth of data. This is a broker's data model bigtime. IF, big if, ebay wanted to, they could provide sellers predictive statistics (many, including probability of sale; expected sale price, etc.) and buyers as well (i.e. what do you want to know, what should the max bid be, am I paying too much). My gut feeling is that 80% of the sellers would disappear overnight and 80% of the buyers would go off to Amazon and other internet selling venues.

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Re: Are sellers making money on eBay ??
24 May 2014
All interesting comments, but surprisingly way off the mark...
The original proposition/question was:

Are sellers making money on eBay??

Sellers who do proper and thorougher research make money on eBay, but they are definitely in the minority. So the three questions real marketers ask themselves is the following:

  • "Do I have a Red Hot product with lots of hungry buyers ready to buy what I have?"
  • "What does my ideal prospect look like (age, gender, location etc)?"
  • "Where do my ideal prospects hang out (what social sites, niche blogs etc)

  • On the other hand, casual, part time or the not so savvy eBay seller NEVER makes money because they are generally inexperienced and know nothing about marketing.

    eBay is a buyer's market, meaning there are way more sellers than there are buyers, which is why eBay's feedback system favors the buyer, eBay make most of it's money on the final fee, it needs buyers, sellers are a dime a dozen and are treated like a second class citizens.

    But the big point about why the $0.99 and the $1.75 free postage [Buy It Now] items persist should be obvious to the savvy experienced seller. It's called a 'Lost Leader'.

    The seller doesn't care that eBay's insertion fee, and the free postage means he looses money on a $1.75 item, because he has gained something far greater... YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS.

    Has the penny dropped yet?

    He will continue to email you under different identities, with different offers until you either:
  • Change or cancel your email account.
  • Block their email (which is impossible because they use rotators).
  • Or die.

  • The Lost Leader has been around for thousands of years. How many times have you tried that FREE sample or titbit from a demonstrator inside the supermarket?

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