Highly accessible yet buyer unfriendly bulk auction site.

A review of Liquidation.com by ddarreng
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Highly accessible yet buyer unfriendly bulk auction site.
7 Jan 2007
I have been using Liquidation.com for more than a year with mixed results. I tend to be a conservative auction attendee, and yet still manage to be on the losing end of this auction websites decisions during dispute processes. Of the five auctions I have won, I found that two where not as advertised/missing items. That is bad enough but the resolution process was slanted in favor of the seller both times. If you plan to bid be sure to keep in mind the quantity variance listed on the auction, because if you have a quantity dispute the variance will be taken into account against you automatically. That means you (the buyer) are never going to see this merchandise. The process also has no appeal so once Liquidation.com makes a decision you are stuck with whatever they decide.

On the pro side you do not need a resale or tax id number to make purchases like some wholesale auction websites. The website is easy to use although the search software is a bit quirky.
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