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Simply Wonderful!
6 Feb 2007
After Mpire made the announcement of closing their doors, I started looking for another auction management tool and came across this little gem. Although inkFrog isn’t a total auction management solution, they do have a great listing tool and no one (I really mean no one) can compare to their image hosting service. Here’s why:

- My login sessions never timeout!

- All listing options are displayed on one page in logical order including the input fields for eBay’s “Shipping, payment details, and return policy” section.

- Not only do I save a ton of money by having a flat $9.95/month fee, but I also save an additional $0.20 with my gallery and subtitle combo listings. inkFrog does this by taking advantage of eBay’s Value Pack (gallery, subtitle, listing designer) upgrade by using my own listing design verses eBay’s listing designer. Ebay nor any other tool I know does this. This is huge savings for me since I list most of my items this way.

- My images are always up and running on my auctions!

- They are the only image hosting service that doesn’t assign a long list of numbers and letters for my image’s URL. They keep it simple by maintaining the integrity of my image’s filename ( vs. ( This way I don't have to sort through a list of thumbnails to find my image URL.

- Also, if I want to update my photo and replace the original for whatever reason, I can do it by uploading the updated picture and overwriting the original. This of course, dynamically updates all my listings that contain this image. I may use this feature during the holidays when I want my listing’s clipart to reflect the look and feel of the holiday. When the holiday is over, I can then change it back to my original template design with a simple upload and overwrite.

It is a very reliable tool that has been around since 1999. Therefore, I can trust my business with this company!
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