Setting Revision Rules is as simple as 1, 2, 3

A review of Vendio Reviser by easybayus
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Setting Revision Rules is as simple as 1, 2, 3
15 Mar 2007
The Vendio Reviser is a great product and I can only hope that eBay is aware of the benefits that it gives powersellers . It is easy to set-up, change and it is very effective. There are several revision strategies we did manually before using this product. We run about 1000 auctions monthly and invested about 20 hours each month in manual revisions. We don't do any manual revisions now and only pay $19.95/month. My time is worth much more than a $1/hour!

The revisions that we make automatically are the following:

1) If we have a lot of a particular item to sell we start a 3 day auction and revise it to 5 days if no bids are placed with 13 hours left to the auction and then revise again to 7 days if there are no bids with 13 hours left. This keeps the listing near the top of searches and steps up your volume.

2) If we don't have alot of an item we do a 7 day auction and set the starting bid about $3 higher than normal. When the auction hits 3 days left we lower the starting bid by .25 each six hours. 50% of the auctions get a bid before 3 days and almost all get a bid by the time 12 hours is left.

This is simply a great product. Your revision strategy is only limited by your imagination! If eBay bans the duration extender we'll still use the product and come up a few more revision strategies.
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