Excellent & Complete Auction Soffware. Bargain for the Money!

A review of eBay Blackthorne by azaspect
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Excellent & Complete Auction Soffware. Bargain for the Money!
11 Apr 2007
I have been using Blackthorne to run eBay auctions under 2 ID's and as well as a store since mid 2005 and am more productive with less effort than I ever thought possible.

I use the free scheduled by Blackthorne utility to submit my auctions, even when I'm not home at no extra cost. The ability to organize is incredible, ability to see in one place all running, sold and unsold items from store & both IDs including bids and watchers. I send emails, print customizable packing lists with thumbnail of item, and print postage using Endicia Dazzle from withing the program. Tracks inventory, does consignment and so much more.

Support is great and the developers encourage requests for future features from users. Don't listen to anybody talking about bugs, most are claims by people who don't know how to use the program and want to blame someone else for their own mistakes!
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