I wish I could give it more stars!!!

A review of eBay Blackthorne by ctrsuperstore
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I wish I could give it more stars!!!
11 Apr 2007
I have been with Blackthorne Pro since January of 2006 and I am here to stay.

Back in 2006, I started looking for a program I could have on my desktop that would keep my items for as long as I wanted to keep them.

I was using Selling Manager Pro (which is still free with Blackthorne Pro) and of course after 90 days, you could no longer view your listing on SMPro. It was gone so if you had a similar item later, you had to start over. But not with Blackthorne Pro.

It has great inventory control and tons of important time-saving tools available from creating items to post sales.

My Favorite features:

Item Templates (most things already entered for faster listing including Shipping Methods, Payment Methods, Categories and much more)

Ad Templates (for repeatable text such as TOS)

With both the above things already there, all I have to do is write a description of my item and be done with it.

More Great Features:

Bulk Revise, Bulk Relist. WYSIWYG Editor, Free Scheduling using Blackthorne, Generating Over the Counter Sales

eBay picture services is compatible but I have a picture host and it has the ability to upload to my photo host easily and it also has a Picture editor to crop, rotate and resize. And you can automatically have your pictures compressed for faster loading.

I tried several other auction management tools and in my opinion, this IS the best auction management tool available. Nothing else I have tried has the features that Blackthorne has.

It is not a tool that you can easily just jump into and start listing. You should read the Users Guide and understand the process. It does take time to understand the concept of this powerful tool. But I can assure you that it will be well-worth your time spent

And, I might add, Powerful is a mild word for this program and the price is very reasonable for such a powerful program.

There are also lots of helpful users and Devs on the Blackthorne Discussion board willing to he...
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