Could not run a successful busines without Blackthorne

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Could not run a successful busines without Blackthorne
11 Apr 2007
I have been using Blackthorne products for 8 years. In that period, it has evolved from a very simple listing tool to the huge powerhouse that it is today. I am using the Pro version and I could never developed my business to the level that it is without such "power" behind me.

The reports that I am now able to generate are awesome and so much more complete than those in SAPro. I love not having to go back and forth to SMPro to see totals, watchers, activity, etc. and the interface with the eBay API means that what I do in Blackthorne is transfered to eBay.

It is important to me to have total control of my data and a hard drive based system allows just that. The ability to archive old listings and sales is a very important feature. I don't have to wade through lists of records on a daily basis, but I can always call up an archived record if I need it.

It allows me as a home based seller to present my items and all the accompanying follow-up in an extremely professional manner. With all the customization allowed for the way an individual runs his business, it has made creating new items super fast.

As the charge is a flat fee and I use my own picture host, the only other expenses are insertion fees, FVF's and PayPal charges. I can estimate on a monthly basis, within a few dollars, what my cost of doing business is.

It isn't "simple lister", but if you take the time to learn the logical sequence and nuances of this program - how you can make it enhance your business and take it to a higher level - it will be well worth the time taken to learn Blackthorne.

The support of both the development group and other users as well has created its own "community". Blackthorne not only is a great auction management tool but a catalyst for friendships among its users.

I heartily recommend Blackthorne Basic or Blackthorne Pro depending on the features that your business requires.
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