I LOVE MY EB! *Ebay Blackthorne Pro*

A review of eBay Blackthorne by nmartists
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I LOVE MY EB! *Ebay Blackthorne Pro*
20 Apr 2007
This product will do the heavy lifting for you! I searched the alternatives, but pound for pound eBay Blackthorne is by far the best buy. You can pay MUCH MORE, and still not have the features this software offers.

I started using Blackthorne (Seller's Assistant Pro) in 2002, there is a learning curve, to be sure, but with so much capablility, there's a lot to learn.

If/when you need help, it is easy to get. On the discussion group site, the support staff & other users respond in minutes, with good humor, encouragement and answers.

We depend on our ebay business and could not run it - there wouldn't be enough hours in the day - without Blackthorne Pro.
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