Fantastic Auction Management Solution

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Fantastic Auction Management Solution
22 Apr 2007
This program has transformed my business. After using it for 3 months I can honestly say it has given my eBay business new life, boosted sales significantly, and reduced my daily required time commitment to the business.

I previously used SAP since 1999, and made the switch very reluctantly. As a one man operation, I hate change and anything that disrupts my routine or slows my productivity. I also implemented a new ad template at the same time and basically recreated all my 1000+ auction listings, so I faced a bigger transition effort than most. I tiptoed around the pool for a while (i.e, ran SAP and BT in parallel), but since I finally jumped in to BT with both feet I haven’t evened reopened SAP. It is flat-out a much more robust program than SAP.

For me, the biggest advantage is the expanded ability to filter/sort sales, listing and items by virtually any variable you can imagine. I need to constantly adjust prices of all items to keep up with my fluctuating inventory cost, which is driven by the volatile silver market. Believe me, this was no easy task in SAP. Thanks to the item sorting/filtering ability and bulk changing of items I can do this without too much difficulty.

Inventory management is improved considerably. I now stock around 1500+ items and usually never have more 4 of any piece on hand, so this is absolutely critical. With BT I am no longer listing unavailable items. It has happened, but only because I forgot to adjust BT’s inventory for off-eBay sales.

There are other numerous enchancements which I appreciate. A good example is the search function in the category selection tree, to find the relevant eBay category for new items. A few other examples include the “servant” which works in the background on things like category updates, database backups & refreshing, ability to archive items, and shipping/upgrade presets for different types of items.

In all, this is an ideal solution for me – both thumbs up. Highly recommended!
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