Could be great product if it worked right

A review of Auction Defender by psolt
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Could be great product if it worked right
23 Apr 2007
I purchased this product and for me it's pretty much useless. If I could get it to work properly - it would be great, but I've decided not to waste any more time trying to get that to happen. It randomly crashes 3 or 4 times a day. I've lost a few auctions because I set it up to bid unattended and when I returned, I found that it had crashed before placing the bid. The import function does not work. When I first installed the program, it worked OK for a few days, but now it always says "No auctions to load" when there are actually dozens. I've contacted support with this issue and got no help whatsoever. They say they can't reproduce the problem. I haven't had any problem reproducing it. I've seen the problem on several different computers, I've seen the problem after uninstalling and reinstalling Auction Defender, I've seen it after reinstalling my operating system and a fresh install of Auction Defender. There is a definite bug in the import function of this program. If you are considering buying it, I recommend that you download evaluation version and run it for a week or two to make sure that you don't have the problems I've had.

The only thing I have to say good about this experience is that I only lost $15 (if you don't count all the time and lost auctions).
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