Kyozou helped us successfully boost and manage our eBay sales

A review of Kyozou by allstarsalez
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Kyozou helped us successfully boost and manage our eBay sales
30 Apr 2007
We've been using Kyozou for over 2 years now to sell motorized vehicles on eBay. In that time, Kyozou has helped us become the largest seller four wheels, bikes, dirt bikes, choppers etc in the country.

Before Kyozou, we were all over the place, it took us at least three times as long to get things done as after we started using Kyozou. Kyozou gave us inventory control that allowed us to track and find our stuff in the warehouse.

Kyozou gave us automatic listing management without which we'd still spend hours every day to post and re-list our items. We now ship everything through Kyozou (automatically), no more copying and pasting into the UPS program to ship stuff. We get all our reports from Kyozou too and now know just what sells and what to promote.

Also, in the next short while, Kyozou will be building our website for us and doing the search marketing for it as well. In our experience, it's a great system from people who really know their stuff.

Do not listen to these whiners, KYOZOU guys are the best in business PERIOD.

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check their feedback - 9 negatives in 6 months. ??? And they are the best sellers of their products?
8 Aug 2010

Check out these guys feedack. Lots of errors in communication and shipping.
Dont know if Kyozou had anything to do with their poor service reviews, sllllow shipping, lack of communication (emails not returned) and customers having to go through paypal to file a dispute. And they are still with Kyozou. Have to wonder how well they are really doing and if they are the best seller in their category on ebay.
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