Doing the impossible. With LARIS nothing comes close period.

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Doing the impossible. With LARIS nothing comes close period.
14 May 2007
After more than a decade working for a multinational corporation I was now an eBay listing assistant with a small company that had 3 employees. This company had a warehouse, a photo studio, Vendio and BusinessVision. It was a nightmare processing up to 100 eBay listings a week.

My spouse and I needed to start our own eBay business so we started our search. We knew that eBay had really changed over the years and it is much harder to make a living from it now than it was 5 years ago. We knew competition was much stiffer, listing fees much higher, marketing more complex and profit margins much slimmer.

To survive in this new environment on the long term we needed a tool that had massive automation and integration of almost all processes involved in this business. We needed a tool that would enable 2 people to do 8 people’s jobs seamlessly and at the same time give us the muscle of a medium to large scale business. We wanted a tool that 2 people could use effectively and also be efficient for a company with 500 employees.

We were looking for a solution that will streamline your auction business by saving time and money while focusing on sales. After 5 weeks of reading reviews and software comparisons we came up with a short list of 5 solutions (Channel Advisor, EZ Lister, Store Manager Pro (G2), Selling Manager Pro & Liberty4). We dropped them all.

Then we saw the Kyozou system which met our specs but also had lots of bad press in the areas of customer support and system stability. Along came Laris. It was dreams come true. LARIS had the same spec as Kyozou but also had an outstanding technical support track record. Then we started asking a question about system stability when we discovered LARIS uses the same Kyozou platform. We found out that the Kyozou stability issues ended in June 2006, to confirm this we checked again and did not find any new complaint about Kyozou after June 2006 so we immediately jumped onboard LARIS and never looked back since.
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