LARIS a technical support wonderland

A review of Laris by Sir Clive
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Sir Clive
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LARIS a technical support wonderland
14 May 2007
The support from the Laris people (Sell-Center) has been outstanding. Those Sell-Center guys are ready to stay with you on the phone for hours to walk you through anything. They are friendly and fast at fixing problems. They even went out of their way to negotiate a deal for us with a third party. These guys have a passion for what they do. The reason they are this good is because they sell on eBay, e-Commerce and also handle consignments, so they understand the challenges we face.

We have never had any problem with support. The system has been stable and rock solid. At first we had some concerns about the reliability of Kyozou which the LARIS platform is based upon but we learnt later that Kyozou had pumped money into this system last year to achieve the current stability. I also knew that the software developers are Europeans, Europeans are known to build solid systems designed for the long haul (like SAP AG). It may have problems at the beginning but on the long run they would bury the competition.

In summary the LARIS Super Management-System is a suite of enterprise-level applications brought together to control the entirety of auction, e-Commerce and brick-and-mortar retail operations. The system has been designed from the ground-up with the participation of auction, e-Commerce and retail business owners as such, the system covers all bases from each stream of operation. It will even integrate with bar code infrastructure.

LARIS will save you time and money by automating many of the processes that are otherwise handled with employee time. From listing products on the auction website, management of those listings and the resulting orders to integrated shipping and copyright-infringement prevention processes, LARIS solution does things impossible elsewhere.
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